physical therapist with man on crutches

At our diagnostic center at Stony Point we combine the expertise of surgeons, radiologists and rheumatologists to pinpoint the cause of your joint pain. Significant advances in the nonoperative treatment of joint arthritis have been made, and we offer the most up-to-date techniques, such as home or supervised exercise programs, bracing and shoe modifications, injection therapy, and nutraceuticals. If surgery is eventually required, we offer joint preservation surgeries such as osteotomy, osteochondral grafting and partial joint replacement, which are often less invasive or arthroscopically assisted surgeries associated with faster recovery. Through our active research programs we stay abreast of all the advances in joint care.


Gregory Golladay, M.D.
William Jiranek, M.D.
Stephen L. Kates, M. D.
Jibandaanan Satpathy, M.D.