Stony Point Orthopaedic Clinic

9000 Stony Point Parkway
Richmond, Virginia 23235
Phone: (804) 560-8946

Stony Point Orthopaedic Clinic map

VCU Health System at Stony Point is conveniently located at the south end of the Willey Bridge/Chippenham Parkway Extension.




Robert S. Adelaar, M.D.


Foot and ankle, hand, mircosurgery

N. Douglas Boardman III, M.D.


Elbow and shoulder reconstruction, arthroscopic knee surgery

Lawrence F. Cohen, M.D.


Orthopaedic spine surgery

Gregory F. Domson, M.D.


Orthopaedic oncology

William C. Foster, M.D.


Musculoskeletal tumor surgery, orthopaedic oncology, musculoskeletal infections

Gregory J. Golladay, M.D.


Adult hip and knee reconstruction/replacement, arthroscopic surgery, joint preservation, nanosensor surgery

Joanna J. Horstmann, M.D.


Orthopaedic pediatrics

William A. Jiranek, M.D.


Arthritis of the hip and knee, early treatment of hip and knee disorders

Victoria J. Kuester, M.D.


Musculoskeletal disorders in pediatrics, scoliosis in pediatric patients

Simon J. Mest, D.P.M.


Complications from diabetes, bunions, hammertoes, foot corns and calluses; heel pain and heel strain; general foot disorders

Jibanananda Satpathy, M.D.


Joint restoration and pelviacetabular reconstructive surgery, general orthopaedics

Wilhelm A. Zuelzer, M.D.


Knee and shoulder injuries