VCU Medical Center Ambulatory Care Center

417 North 11th Street
Richmond, Virginia 23298
Phone: (804) 828-7051

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Robert S. Adelaar, M.D.


Foot and ankle, hand and mircorsurgery

N. Douglas Boardman III, M.D.


Elbow and shoulder reconstruction, and arthroscopic knee surgery

Lawrence F. Cohen, M.D.


Orthopaedic spine surgery

Ilvy H. Cotterell, M.D.


Traumatic and non-traumatic hand, wrist and elbow pathology, including arthroscopy of the wrist and elbow, as well as ultrasound evaluation

Gregory F. Domson, M.D.


Orthopaedic oncology

Jessica A. Frankenhoff, M.D.


Hand and wrist arthritis, minimally invasive carpal tunnel surgery, Dupuytren's disease, surgical and non-surgical treatment of tendonitis, repetitive use injuries, traumatic injuries of the hand and wrist

William C. Foster, M.D.


Musculoskeletal tumor surgery, orthopaedic oncology and musculoskeletal infections

Gregory J. Golladay


Adult hip and knee reconstruction/replacement, arthroscopic surgery, joint preservation, nanosensor surgery

Ryan B. Graves, M.D.


Orthopaedic trauma

Joanna J. Horstmann, M.D.


Orthopaedic pediatrics

Jonathan E. Isaacs, M.D.


Traumatic and non-traumatic hand and wrist pathology, brachial plexus and peripheral nerve injuries, and avascular necrosis of the femoral head

Niraj V. Kalore, M.D.


Hip, knee and joint replacements, arthroscopic and minimally invasive surgeries of the knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle and hip including ACL reconstruction, meniscus repair, arthroscopic rotator cuff repair and arthroscopic shoulder stabilization and sports injuries. General orthopaedics, including fractures.

Victoria J. Kuester, M.D.


Musculosketal disorders in pediatrics, scoliosis in pediatric patients

Thomas P. Loughran, M.D.


Orthopaedics, sports medicine and arthroscopy, complex knee and shoulder ligament reconstruction, cartilage regeneration

Simon J. Mest, D.P.M.


Complications from diabetes; bunions, hammertoes, foot corns and calluses; heel pain and heel strain; and general foot disorders

Varatharaj Mounasamy, M.D.


Orthopaedic trauma

Rupal Patel, M.D.


Hip and knee replacement surgeries and arthroscopic sports medicine injuries. General orthopaedics, including fractures.

Jibanananda Satpathy, M.D.


Joint restoration and pelviacetabular reconstructive surgery, general orthopaedics

Wilhelm A. Zuelzer, M.D.


Knee and shoulder injuries